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Thomas Anderson ta at
Sat Nov 18 18:03:43 UTC 2006

First of all, Excellent job! Amarok is the best music player ever...period. I 
am a developer also, so I understand what it takes to make a quality piece of 
software such as Amarok, so I will be careful with my adjectives.

One thing I find cumbersome, and this has been the case with all the music 
players I have used, is playlist management. Seems kind of quirky when 
editing already created playlists. When I load a playlist and add some more 
tunes that Amarok should add those to the playlist or when I hit save, the 
dialog would know playlists name, that I am editting, as a default.

I am thinking of having a tabbed interface that always has a tab name temp 
that would work similarly to player window now. Then when you load a playlist 
it would launch a new tab. Then you can play this newly loaded playlist tab. 
When you drag and drop songs onto this loaded playlist tab it would 
automatically modify that playlist. Then you could copy playlist into the 
temp player tab to do some modification and save a new playlist or switch 
play to the temp tab. Or This seems more organized to me, but I am a tab 
control nut!!! I am willing to put some more time and effort into this 
subject if it sounds interesting.

Again amazing player. I absolutely love it!!! Please don't sell my email 
address or send me anything that doesn't pertain to this email. Death to 
Thomas Anderson
ta at

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