iRiver ifp device integration

Ljubomir Simin ljubomir.simin at
Fri Nov 17 10:05:52 UTC 2006

On Friday 17 November 2006 10:50, Peter Bittner wrote:
> Ljubomir,
> isn't libifp support build in into amaroK (as distributed via
> Debian/Kubuntu)?
> It's not that I'm afraid of compiling the source, but I would lose the
> possibility to update the Kubuntu Desktop "the Debian way".  :-(
> There is a Debian package for libifp, and I think I even have it
> installed. If amaroK can manage iFP devices without recompiling how do
> I enable support?
> BTW, I have found a BLOG article (by Seb Ruiz, November 20. 2005)
> about iFP device support in amaroK:
> -!.html
> Is this what you get by - and only by - compiling the amaroK sources?
> Peter

Some of Amaroks features must be enabled compile-time, and media device 
plugins are one of those. So, to use ifp player in Amarok, you need 
ifp-enabled build. I use Kubuntu too, but I'm running self compiled svn 
version for so long that I really don't know if ifp support is built-it, or 
not. I also do not own ifp player anymore. However, the happy news are that 
you can use checkinstall (type "sudo checkinstall" instead of "sudo make 
install") to create .deb package for (K)Ubuntu (and probably other Debian 
based distros), and install/remove it via apt/dpkg.

Good luck!
Ljubomir Simin 
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