Some ideas for Amarok 2.0 based on foobar2k experience

Seb Ruiz me at
Wed Nov 15 12:26:12 UTC 2006

On 15/11/06, Alf Lervag <alf at> wrote:
> On 11/15/06, Cerneels Bart <bart.cerneels at> wrote:
> > But I don't feel we need a configurable GUI.
> Having a good GUI is probably one of the reasons why Amarok is so
> popular.  I've tried foobar2k, and honestly I didn't like it at all
> since the GUI was ugly and clunky.  Little did I know that if I
> installed lots of plugins and whatnots it could look nice.
> The idea of making it possible to add and remove elements from the
> default GUI should not be dropped completely however.  To make this
> possible, much care must be taken with the design of the core
> application and how it interacts with the GUI.  A well thought through
> interface design is seldom a bad idea.  For one, it makes it much
> easier to write tests.
> So even though the decision to actually support
> adding/removing/replacing the default GUI elements might be "no", I
> don't see why the decision to go for a design that make this
> potentially possible might be "yes".

I think it's okay to allow the UI to be modified, we just need to be
very strict on how it can be done. I think firefox has found a pretty
good balance in this department.



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