Clarifying magnatune support in amarok

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Sat Nov 11 10:10:27 UTC 2006

On Saturday 11 November 2006 01:55, Pascal Bleser wrote:
> Ewwww... Ok. That one must be removed (ccNumber, expMonth and expYear).

> The logging must be removed though.

> But still, not logging the CC data in the first place would be.. um..
> better ;)

AFAIK, debug() does not store to a log on the filesystem.  If you look in 
~/.kde/share/apps/amarok, you'll see that the only logs are the collection 
scanner's log, and the logs of the status bar (i.e. "track x submitted to").

debug() outputs to the console, so you could technically be logging that if 
you really wanted, but you could also redirect it to /dev/null, or just 
ignore it.  We ourselves don't store that info on a file in your hard drive.

This is just a FYI -- I agree that that particular debug line should be 
removed from stable releases.


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