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John Buckman wrote:
>> The reason is that it is not really clear how the whole thing is
>> handled. Most specifically, whether e.g. credit card information can be
>> seen by people from the amarok developer team in some magnatune
>> transaction history or something.
> The beauty of open source is that you can just look at the source and
> find out. :D

Sure, I was about to check the source code anyway.
I was actually asking about what happens on magnatune's side of things
(transaction history if it was made through an amarok developer's
account at magnatune).
This was fixed in the stable version, so that's fine ;)

> in the function:
> void MagnatunePurchaseHandler::processPayment
> in
> src/magnatunebrowser/magnatunepurchasehandler.cpp
> Is where things happen.  The purchase info is submitted via https with:
>   QString purchaseURL = ""
> + ccNumber + "&mm=" + expMonth + "&yy="+ expYear + "&sku=" + albumCode
> + "&name=" + name + "&email=" + email + "&id=amarok&amount=" +
> amountString;
> the only logging I see is if debug logging is on, in which case the
> purchase url is stored in the debug log.
>    debug() << "purchase url : " << purchaseURL << endl;   

Ewwww... Ok. That one must be removed (ccNumber, expMonth and expYear).

See patch in attachment.

> The communication is direct between the client machine and magnatune,
> and does not touch anyone else.  The call to Magnatune's HTTPS side is
> via the KDE storedGet() call:
> m_resultDownloadJob = KIO::storedGet( KURL(purchaseURL), false, false );

Hmm.. ok. To be really sure that stuff isn't logged anywhere, one would
need to check whether KURL() and KIO::storedGet() don't log.

> I'm CCking Nikolaj (the Amarok developer who did the Magnatune
> integration work) in case there is other logging going on that I don't see.

I didn't see anything else in src/magnatunebrowser/*
The only place left could be KURL() or KIO::storedGet()

>> It's not that I'm paranoid nor that I'm implying any bad intentions
>> but.. well.. IMO it must be as transparent as possible ;)
>> I couldn't find any detailed information about the transaction process
>> and how the personal data of the users is secured.
>> Could you please take a few minutes to enlighten us about it ? (or point
>> me to a link if I didn't look hard enough)
> Nikolaj, can you help? I don't see any saving of personal data myself,
> it looks more like you implemented a form that submits via HTTPS GET,
> and the security and issues are the same as when using a web browser.

The HTTPS GET is fine of course.
Amarok does the SSL handshake and then sends the GET line that includes
the sensitive data through the SSL tunnel.

The logging must be removed though.
It's not *that* critical as the CVV/CVV2/CVC2 number is not submitted
(that's the credit card verification number) and if someone gets the
credit card data submitted by amarok through gaining remote access and
seeking in the logs, the card holder could still refuse the transaction
(and then magnatune would have to prove it's actually that person who
did the transaction).

But still, not logging the CC data in the first place would be.. um..
better ;)

> As to this comment:
>> Like the implementation how your credit card information is submitted
>> and that
>> it is posted under the personal account of one Amarok developer at
>> Magnatune?
> I assume they're referring to the "id=nikola" in the purchase url that
> was in the beta versions of Amarok, which has now been changed to
> "id=amarok".  This is simply used to track the source of the purchase
> and has no nefarious intent.

Ok. So there is an "amarok" account at magnatunes.
Is there any option for anyone (except you guys at magnatunes, of
course) to log in to that account and see transaction history that
includes credit card information ?

CC data is a really sensitive thing (I happen to work in the payment
business ;)).

Thanks for clarifying John.

Nikolaj: I'll patch out the CC data logging in my amarok builds - could
it be merged upstream ?

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