Clarifying magnatune support in amarok

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Sat Nov 11 09:27:56 UTC 2006

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Greg Meyer wrote:
> On Friday 10 November 2006 8:02 pm, Pascal Bleser wrote:
>> Could you please take a few minutes to enlighten us about it ? (or point
>> me to a link if I didn't look hard enough)
> (1) It uses https to transmit information.

Yes, already figured ;)

> (2) It only used the name of an Amarok developer (Nikolaj) to identify the 
> transaction as coming from amarok during the beta period.  Once we went gold 
> the name was changed to amarok.  Again, this was to identify the transaction 
> as coming from Amarok and it doesn't use anybody's account.


> (3)No one can see any credit card information except the people at Magnatune 
> that execute the transaction, and even then it is probably quite automatic.

Yes, obviously they do.

> (4) We did a horrible job about being clear in communicating the nature of the 
> transaction.  This will soon be fixed if it hasn't been already.

Indeed ;))
It would be really nice to publish some information about it, e.g. on
the amarok website. I mean, I don't think anyone is implying any bad
intentions from you guys, but once credit card numbers are implied, it
really becomes an important topic, as you can imagine.

> So mea culpa, mea culpa.

No need to mea-culpa-ize ;)
Would just be great if that information could be posted somewhere on the
amarok site.

> Is this sufficient for the time being, to counter the Binner FUD?

Heh. Sure.
I'll have a quick look at the source code to see for myself (e.g. logging).

Thanks for the details Greg.

Keep up the awesome work^H^Hamaroking ;)

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