Clarifying magnatune support in amarok

Greg Meyer greg at
Sat Nov 11 04:15:12 UTC 2006

On Friday 10 November 2006 8:02 pm, Pascal Bleser wrote:
> Could you please take a few minutes to enlighten us about it ? (or point
> me to a link if I didn't look hard enough)

(1) It uses https to transmit information.
(2) It only used the name of an Amarok developer (Nikolaj) to identify the 
transaction as coming from amarok during the beta period.  Once we went gold 
the name was changed to amarok.  Again, this was to identify the transaction 
as coming from Amarok and it doesn't use anybody's account.  
(3)No one can see any credit card information except the people at Magnatune 
that execute the transaction, and even then it is probably quite automatic.
(4) We did a horrible job about being clear in communicating the nature of the 
transaction.  This will soon be fixed if it hasn't been already.

So mea culpa, mea culpa.

Is this sufficient for the time being, to counter the Binner FUD?

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