Debugging amarok

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Nov 10 12:27:56 UTC 2006


after trying out a self-compiled amarok (and removing it again) the
one from the debian package doesn't want to start anymore. Executing
amarok on the commandline only gives the 2 lines saying I should attach
gdb to amarokapp and not amarok and a window is popping up for a second.
Then the shell returns with an error code.

Is there any other way of finding the error, than running amarokapp in
gdb? Because that doesn't help much - it doesn't crash and I have no
debug symbols for it or source code to set a breakpoint.

.xsession-errors only contains:
QMetaObject::findSignal:smoothblend::smoothblendClient: Conflict with KDecoration::keepAboveChanged(bool)
QMetaObject::findSignal:smoothblend::smoothblendClient: Conflict with KDecoration::keepBelowChanged(bool)

I know this might be a distro problem, but I don't want to open up a
bugreport with them unless I can provide some more information...


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