ripping 'n' burning

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at
Thu Nov 9 20:11:55 UTC 2006

Thursday 09 November 2006 19:53 skrev Jeff Mitchell:
> You have to keep in mind though that if want to directly work with a
> ripper, we have to add more dependencies (we already have a large
> number of them).  Then we have to separate code so that if it's
> compiled with support for that ripper, options are enabled
> appropriately and are not available without that support.  This
> includes UI features -- for instance, it'd look awful to have a button
> that's just disabled all the time if the user doesn't have a ripper.
> There's also the question of which ripper to use.  And finally, all
> the code to handle the ripper, along with the appropriate options for
> all the different encoders.

  Well... That button could simply be the button we have now called Burn... 
which could turn into a Rip button when an audio cd was detected (which, i 
guess, could be done using the media manager we already have... right?). 

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