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Thu Nov 9 18:53:30 UTC 2006

Quoting Niklas Nylund <ninylund at>:

> Hi,
> As an end user I completely agree, a "normal user" much more prefer
> to press a big round big button and everything is taken care for
> them, all according to the it just works paradigm (for those who want
> there should be some options somewhere on bitrate and such). On the
> technical side I don't like the suggested "fix" because it assumes
> one uses KDE, I like many others I know use amarok in Ubuntu or
> another non KDE environment.


A big round button could take do an automatic rip and import into  
Amarok, by doing (under-the-hood) the same thing as dragging from  
audiocd:/ and dropping onto the collection browser.  This would have  
the same dependencies however.

You have to keep in mind though that if want to directly work with a  
ripper, we have to add more dependencies (we already have a large  
number of them).  Then we have to separate code so that if it's  
compiled with support for that ripper, options are enabled  
appropriately and are not available without that support.  This  
includes UI features -- for instance, it'd look awful to have a button  
that's just disabled all the time if the user doesn't have a ripper.   
There's also the question of which ripper to use.  And finally, all  
the code to handle the ripper, along with the appropriate options for  
all the different encoders.

This is not to say it couldn't be done, and for the record it's  
something that I'd *like* to be done, but I just don't expect that it  
will be anytime real soon.  It's a large project that has to be  
thought through carefully ahead of time.  And as I said in a previous  
posting, it's likely that the UI for this really wouldn't work well in  
Amarok until the major refactoring for 2.0 -- unless we make it yet  
another non-media-device Media Device (like DAAP).

In the meantime, if you do use KDE, or at least install enough  
dependencies, you can do this through konqueror.  It's pretty seamless  
and it has a lot less of a reinventing-the-wheel feel.


> Thanks,
> Niklas Nylund
> On Nov 7, 2006, at 11:41 AM, Gianluca wrote:
>> 2006/11/7, Colin Guthrie <gmane at>:
>>> If you setup the audiocd:/ KIO Slave in KDE, Ripping in Amarok is
>>> just a
>>> matter of dragging and dropping the Ogg/MP3 files. :)
>>> amaroK.html
>>> Col.
>> yeah, that's very cool...
>> but i think it's too complicated for the people that don't understand
>> these terms....
>> the people who install kubuntu for the first time ehen read these word
>> "fall in panic" and close the window...
>> i think (we think, a speak for lots of people) that a light and easy
>> interface inside amarok will be VERY VERY COOL...
>> sorry another time for the english and the disturb..... :p
>> aloha to everyone
>> --
>> Gianluca - Bigshot
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