ripping 'n' burning

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Wed Nov 8 03:38:16 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 02:32, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Gianluca wrote:
> > yeah, that's very cool...
> > but i think it's too complicated for the people that don't understand
> > these terms....
> > the people who install kubuntu for the first time ehen read these word
> > "fall in panic" and close the window...
> >
> > i think (we think, a speak for lots of people) that a light and easy
> > interface inside amarok will be VERY VERY COOL...
> >
> > sorry another time for the english and the disturb..... :p
> >
> > aloha to everyone
> I guess is someone was willing (I'm not (yet) and Amarok coder as time
> is very short for me just now), then these settings etc. could be
> exposed via Amarok's config and Ripping could be made simpler - just
> click a button etc.
> One thing I didn't work out how to do was to tweak the
> FreeDB/CDDB/Whatever it is now lookup data to fit my my view of the
> world (correct case, fix spelling errors etc.).
> That said I didn't look for long, as I didn't actually have a CD to rip
> there and then!!

I think people don't realize that at the moment, to enable ripping in Amarok 
through an interface, you'd still need the audiocd:/ kioslave set up.  And 
once you have that set up, it's easy to drag 'n drop from Konqueror anyways.

Maybe if KAudioCreator is a KPart or something we could integrate it somehow.  
Perhaps when we do an interface refactor.  So maybe this is something to 
think about for Amarok 2.0.


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