icecast2, two Soundcards

Denny Schierz linuxmail at
Sun Nov 5 12:26:57 UTC 2006


sorry, i wrote a long answer, but darkice let my mac freeze, so here the
short one:

Greg Meyer schrieb:

> Why on God's green earth would you want to do this.  Sorry, that's too snarky, 
> but I just can't think of a practical reason unless your just trying to test 
> a setup for eventual streaming to another computer.  icecast re-samples 

you are right, i want to stream the output from amarok to the
streamserver on the inet. So ices2 has to resample the sound and
transmit it to icecast2. With ices0 and a static playlist, it works very
well, with resample to 96kb/44khz too.

But i it seems, the it is a bad idea to the the mac soundcard, which
does not have a hardware mixer etc. Everthing has to be done in software.

My hope is to use dmix, but don't know the right ~.asoundrc config file.
I thought, it would be the best, to use the mac snd card, cause i don't
use it for other things.

cu denny

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