Bounty : transfert/convert cover image to mp3 device

Sebastien Chaumat schaumat at
Sat Nov 4 10:42:54 UTC 2006


  I own an "mp3" device that can display an album  cover if :

  - it is in the directory of the album (The directory structure is : 
  -  it is a jpeg
  - it name AlbumArt.jpg

  A goog size is 100x100 pixels

  I do this manually converting/converting  the dowloaded cover.

   I'd like to offer a bounty for  either :

    - a specific sytem (only for my model)

    - a general configurable system (I believe other "mp3" works in nearly the 
same way) depending on the quality of the system.

  I'd like my proposal to remain among developpers only. Can I use 
amarok at to propose a amount without this beeing public ?


Sebastien Chaumat

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