use mtp or usm for an iRiver T10?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Nov 2 18:05:16 UTC 2006


I'm currently having a problem with amaroks "sync with media player"
feature, it offeres to change spaces to underscores and also allows to
replace non-ascii text by underscores. But it doesn't have an option to
replace all characters that don't work on FAT filesystems to
underscores. This includes "*,%()" and possibly some others. Also I
think the length of directory and filenames is limited on FAT.

Now before I start to hack the amarok source to add options for these,
I'd like to ask wether the mtp plugin would solve my problem. Currently
my iRiver T10 runs as USM, but I can patch it back to MTP. Unfortunately
I didn't find much information about what libmtp can do wrt to changing
the filenames/directories. Also I haven't found any information if it
can create .pla playlists or just copies .m3u's onto the player?

Thx for any information you can give...


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