Amarok release planning starting with 2.6

Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels at
Sun Oct 30 06:29:24 UTC 2011

Hi team

Starting with 2.6 we'll experiment with agile inspired release planning,
here are the basic ideas:

We'll keep a list of features or improvements we want seen in Amarok, let's
call it the TODO list. Each feature should be no larger then in 3 months
development and testing effort keeping team size, availability and
motivation in mind. These will go into bugzilla as bugs/whishes and we'll
create a special query for them.

For every release we'll select some features from the list, change their
Target and plan the next release time-frame accordingly. The feature list
is open for suggestions by way of bugzilla but the amarok authors will have
final say if it will make it into the official planned feature list.
I'm not dead-set on using bugzilla or readmine or anything else, but don't
want to spend to much time on the tooling, process is more important.

We *won't* release without all of the targeted features being reviewed,
tested separately, documented, merged and integration tested. Exceptions
are possible, but the feature will just go back to the TODO list to be
scheduled for a later release or even dropped completely.
I'm considering making it mandatory to do these features in a branch so
they won't interfere with other development and easier to pull/merge/drop,
but for smaller features it might not be worth it. Let's see how it works

I've compiled a list of the current 2.5 cycle as an example:

* Amazon MP3 store - Sven
* USB Mass Storage rewrite - Bart
* iPod improvements - strohel
* Officially supported Windows version - TheOneRing
* Roktober donors in about dialog - team effort
* ... whatever I'm missing

I realize this is a more strict development style then we are used to but
will will improve the quality of the Amarok releases and focus team effort.

Amarok is not a group of lone coders in their parents basements but a
strong team of skilled and highly motivated rock stars; time we start
acting like that ;)

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