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Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at
Wed Aug 27 01:21:40 CEST 2008

Hi Carlos,

2008/8/23 Carlos Diener <carlos at>:
> Dear rokymoters,
> On 24./25. September 2008 there will be the next OpenExpo in Zurich. We
> organized a low priced but good lodging for all OSS people. From 23. to
> 28.September it will be possible to stay by us and every night costs about 6€
> per person. There is also enough space for nightly hacking sessions and we'll
> look for a suitable internet connection. It's a nice place and we think we'll
> have a very good time together there.
> Some Informations about the house:
> Sleeping places: 48 (4 rooms)
> 2 big living rooms, one with sofas
> _big_ kitchen, barbeque place
> next to the forest, but 100m to the next bus stop
> the city (pubs/bars) are reachable per feet (10min) or with the bus
> the exhibition is also reachable per feet (15min) or bus

Great and thanks for this organisation! Please count Mark and me
amongst you! I will give you more precision tomorrow, bed time for



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