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No problem, the culture, is the culture, and keep all motivated is very
important, for sure.

I will be online on the ircchannel in about 3 hours from now, when I left

I am very glad for your answers.

Rodrigo Marques.

On Nov 13, 2007 2:44 PM, Nikolaj Hald Nielsen <nhnfreespirit at gmail.com>

> > How is the process of decision, between the devs, of what features will,
> or
> > will not, being included into a release? There is certain level of
> > formality? I mean, they decide that into a wiki, forum, or something?
> How
> > they organize the work load? How they analyze suggestion of new
> features,
> > for example, and decide if that will, or not, be included in next
> release?
> explaining the decision making process within Amarok is a bit hard,
> and has actually been the subject of several talks at different
> conferences. I would _really: recommend hanging out with us on #amarok
> and #rokymotion on irc.freenode.net to get a feel for the culture.
> I essence we are a meritocracy, meaning that those who do the actual
> work has a very great say in the direction of the project. As most
> people contribute to Amarok in their own free time, it is very
> important to empower everyone to make difference. That said, for big
> decisions, we generally try to come to some kind of consensus. Also,
> one of the things that keeps everything moving quite smoothly, is that
> most developers share a common vision for Amarok, even though each has
> different parts of Amarok that has their special attention.
> I know this culture is quite a radical departure from that practiced
> at most companies, but to put it simply, contributing to Amarok has to
> be fun to keep people motivated! :-)
> - Nikolaj
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