Can we raise Qt dep to 4.8? And KDE to 4.8.4? (was: broken compatibility with Qt 4.6)

Matěj Laitl matej at
Wed Nov 28 16:28:13 UTC 2012

On 28. 11. 2012 Edward Toroshchin wrote:
> Hey strohel, guys,
> I just wanted to note that the ui in commit 126d350 breaks our
> compatibility with 4.6 (and up to 4.7.4 even). The lines:
> +     <property name="icon">
> +      <iconset theme="list-add"/>
> +     </property>
> The error:
> uic: Error in line 20, column 33 : Unexpected attribute theme
> File
> '/home/mayank/kde/src/amarok/src/configdialog/dialogs/ExcludedLabelsDialog.
> ui' is not valid

Oh I see, kudos for you for discovering it early! I've added it unaware that 
it is not supported by not-so-recent Qt versions. (but I was surprised that Qt 
Designer allowed me to specify icon by name)

> So we could either tweak the ui, or just bump the qt dependency.

I would definitely bump dependency to Qt 4.8. Debian testing has it and we 
already thought about that in summer. And we don't really test on Qt 4.6/4.7 
so we usually don't spot errors. I've even seen some Amarok code comments 
complaining that it would like to use Qt 4.8 feature. If someone knows a 
reason not to dump the dependency, shout now or be quiet forever. :-)

On a related note, what are your views on bumping our mandatory KDE dependency 
to 4.8.4? Debian testing has it. That would allow us to remove some ugly work-
arounds in IpodCollectionFactory and perhaps remove some copied code 
(KRatingPainter? needs checking). This can wait, for sure, I'm just not 
entirely comfortable with releasing Amarok 2.7 claiming it is compatible with 
KDE 4.6/4.7 when it gets so little testing.


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