broken compatibility with Qt 4.6

Edward Toroshchin edward.hades at
Wed Nov 28 16:09:53 UTC 2012

Hey strohel, guys,

I just wanted to note that the ui in commit 126d350 breaks our
compatibility with 4.6 (and up to 4.7.4 even). The lines:

+     <property name="icon">
+      <iconset theme="list-add"/>
+     </property>

The error:

uic: Error in line 20, column 33 : Unexpected attribute theme
File '/home/mayank/kde/src/amarok/src/configdialog/dialogs/ExcludedLabelsDialog.ui' is not valid

So we could either tweak the ui, or just bump the qt dependency.


Edward "Hades" Toroshchin
dr_lepper on

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