Amarok idea Tomahawk features

Teo Mrnjavac teo at
Fri Mar 30 09:05:42 UTC 2012

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 18:52, Igor Vileikis <festys.rpo at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you explain me what directly should my idea have to saticfy the
> conditions of participating GSoC 2012? Because I haven't understood is my
> proposal acceptable or not. If there are any requirements in some details
> which you want to know, please tell me directly what are them. If there is a
> need in some external actions from my side(for example discussing my
> proposal with Tomahawk community) tell me what should I do.
>> any reason for using QXmpp & libjingle instead jreen [0], that is used
>> by Tomahawk?
>  Well I didn't know that Tomahawk already used jreen library. If it's so
> there is no problems in using jreen for me. By the way, the reasons of using
> QXmpp & libjingle were discribed in my proposal. The quote from my
> application about this:
>> XMPP protocol provides features of instant messaging and sending
>> invitations. It’s available to send XML data through messages . So it’ll be
>> used for:
>> sharing tracks through messages or invitations
>> getting friend’s collection of Amarok
>> There is a good Qt library QXmpp[5][6] for those purposes.
>> Jingle is an extension to XMPP which the main feature for project is music
>> streaming. So it allows to implement:
>> stream tracks from friend’s collection
>> listen to something what user’s friends do
>> For implementation it’ll be used a linjingle SDK [7][8] a collection of
>> C++ code which provide Jingle protocol abilities.
>> Both protocols and their SDKs have nice documentation and QXmpp people say
>> that it’s pretty intuitive and easy to use.
>> [5]
>> [6]
>> [7]
>> [8]
> Also I don't understand what is the connection between Amarok & Tomahawk?
> Aren't these projects seperate? As a seperate project, Amarok has no need in
> implimentation particulary with jreen. I find that QXmpp & libjingle are
> much better tools for implementation beacuse there is a nice documentation
> while jreen hasn't such a thing. It would delay my work and will lead to
> unreasonable discussions with Tomahawk community while I could just check
> the documentation in the case with QXmpp & libjingle.
> If you think that my reasons haven't enough sense that would be ok. As I
> said there is no problems for me in using jreen but I'm not sure that it has
> enough features for implementation.


Maybe we haven't been clear enough: we need a completely
Tomahawk-compatible feature. It should work like Tomahawk and also
look kinda reminescent of Tomahawk. Since Tomahawk is Free software,
and Amarok is Free software, and the Tomahawk devs are plain awesome
and building a great product, it makes no sense to me if we reinvented
an incompatible wheel.

If you're still interested in the project under these constraints, I
suggest you check out Tomahawk's code and propose a sensible way to
satisfy those requirements.


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