Review Request: Re-Add old "Normal" moodbar style

Florian Eßer f.esser at
Thu Nov 3 10:28:30 UTC 2011

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Review request for Amarok.


This patch re-adds the old pre-2.4.0 moodbar "Normal" style as a fourth option in the moodbar style selection dialog.

Sorry to reheat the old topic from, but upgrading to Kubuntu 11.10 (overwriting my self-compiled Amarok version) made me recognize that this bug is still not fixed.
The old "Normal" style was and is *not* the (IMHO ugly) happy style, so 82d102ba32e0a1b6a154dfe4653e786229c0dcb7 did not really fix the bug. Please have a look at the attached screenshot for a comparison of the different moodbar styles.

This addresses bug 264432.


  src/configdialog/dialogs/GeneralConfig.ui 14b2d63 
  src/moodbar/MoodbarManager.cpp 53bea15 





Comparison of different moodbar styles.


Florian Eßer

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