Auto-hiding amarok's tray icon

Martin Blumenstingl martin.blumenstingl at
Mon Aug 8 18:29:53 UTC 2011

Hi Aaron,

it seems that you don't really like the way most applications' tray icons of
behave nowadays (they always show up, no matter if the application needs
attention or not).
If this makes sense or not probably depends on the user's point of view ;)

In konversation it's easy to follow your point (remove the "show always"
thing, unless the user explicitly forces that via the systray settings or
konvi needs attention).
But in amarok this is probably not as easy.

Amarok does this in the TrayIcon constructor:     setStatus(
KStatusNotifierItem::Active );
This prevents the icon from auto-hiding.
The problem is: amarok never sets any other status.

Adding a "show on track change" feature is probably really annoying, so the
question is:
Show it always or never.

Since there's already a setting for the tray icon: do we really need to
remove the setStatus(Active) in amarok?
If the user wants, he can completely disable it in amarok's settings.
If the user enables the tray icon it's always shown (unless he explicitly
tells the systray plasmoid to "hide" it).

Kind Regards,
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