UI: How to make MusicBrainz dialog shine, or noob needs help.

Stefan Derkits stefan at derkits.at
Wed Oct 27 11:57:45 CEST 2010

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On 27/10/10 11:43, Sergey Ivanov wrote:
> Thanks you. It looks great. But probably It won't fit. I guess I have
> to describe how does It works.
> When this dialog shows up, It automatically runs MusicBrainz (metadata
> based) search. It may give correct results, but may give nothing, or
> just wrong tags for some tracks. In this case user can select all
> tracks haven't found by MusicBrainz, or got wrong tags and start
> MusicDNS (fingerprint based) search, which will identify tracks
> correct, or also give nothing.

I already discussed this on IRC, but probably not many People did follow
that Discussion.
In my Opinion, MusicDNS search is far superior then MusicBrainz Search
and I can't really think of many Cases where MusicBrainz Search would be
superior of MusicDNS search.

Use Case of a standard User:
"Ohh Amarok now has Tag Guessing via MusicBrainz, cool, I want to try
this. Here I have a Song called Artist - Song1 ... I always wanted to
know what the correct Tags would be. Let's try it"
So he tries it and first MusicBrainz Search starts. And it doesn't give
the right Results. He has no Idea that MusicDNS Search, which he
afterwards could start manuallly would give him better Results. So he
tries it with another Song. Same thing, no good Result.

The in my opinion, most important Use Case of MusicBrainz directly in
Amarok is to get the Tags of incorrectly tagged Songs. And I must admit,
I also found (via some Songs that had correct filenames but incorrect
tags) MusicBrainz to be shitty because it could not often deliver me
correct Results. Maybe I would like the Feature more if it would have
automatically, as first Option searched via MusicDNS.

Long Mail, short Point: Throw out "Tag based search" and just do
Fingerprint Search. Users won't often click on "Start search via
MusicDNS" ... or it is one click too much. Give them the better Option
right away :)

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