Release of libmygpo-qt v0.2.0 - Call for Testers ;)

Stefan Derkits stefan at
Wed Nov 17 14:24:31 CET 2010

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Dear gPodder & Amarok Community,

we (Stefan, Christian & Felix) are happy to announce the Release of
libmygpo-qt v0.2.0 our first "public" Release of libmygpo-qt.

You can download the Tarball here:

Below you find some Infos, and we want to ask you for Testing & Feedback
(Bugs, Class Structure, Installation System, ... ) as this is our first
Qt Library & our first bigger OpenSource Project :)

What is libmygpo-qt?

libmygpo-qt is a Qt/C++ Library wrapping the Webservice. We
are working on it as part of a University Course & it will be used in
one of the next Versions of Amarok when we integrate the gPodder
Webservice into Amarok.
Also it will maybe one Day be used to create a gPodder Client for
MeeGo/Symbian ;)

What is is a Webservice, that can be used for Podcast Discovery
(Search, Toplists, Tags, ...) and Subscription/Synchronization of
Podcasts & Podcast Status Synchronization.

You can find a Proposal of the gPodder Integration (to which we will
mostly stick) into Amarok here:

Some Important Links for libmygpo-qt:

Git Repo:
Doxygen Documentation:
Contact: gpodder-devel at

The Library is not yet feature complete, but should be finished before
Christmas :)

Stefan, Christian & Felix
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