Crash reports with Qt 4.7

Nanno Langstraat langstr at
Wed May 26 17:38:21 CEST 2010

A heads-up: there are multiple crash reports with Qt 4.7 beta.

Crashes happen in the playlist model/view stack, inside Qt functions.

Could be Amarok, but my most probable explanation of the superficial 
evidence is that that it is a Qt bug.

FYI, I myself do not plan to spend time on this. My bug report for the 
drag&drop 'setMouseTracking()' problem is still pending at Qt without 
any response.

This bug report is typical:

The "Qt 4.7" bug reports have been marked as a duplicate of this bug:

They do share similarities, but bug 229240

    * Was already present with earlier Qt versions.
    * Has already been worked around in v2.3.0.
    * Involves 'setCurrentIndex()', which the Qt 4.7 crashes don't.

So, might still have the same underlying cause, but the symptoms are 
slightly different.


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