LikeBack in Amarok

Téo Mrnjavac teo.mrnjavac at
Thu Mar 11 21:01:54 CET 2010

As you may have noticed, shortly after 2.3 was tagged I pushed a new
feature into mainline: LikeBack integration.
For an introduction to LikeBack, see [1].
Our admin Paleo has set up a LikeBack server instance on Kollide [2].
As of now I still consider it very beta, and not in the Google meaning
of the word, so I'm filling it with garbage reports for testing. After
this phase I'll ask Paleo to nuke the DB so real use may begin.
Content submitted through LikeBack is viewable only by authorized
users through the admin interface, and LikeBack is *not* a Bugzilla
replacement, merely an addition.
On the client side, LikeBack is enabled only for testing releases i.e.
git builds and betas.
I'm writing this to ask for some feedback:
1) LikeBack allows the user to send 4 types of notifications: like,
dislike, improper behavior (bug) and feature request. Some of these
types of feedback overlap with Bugzilla, especially improper behavior
and (to a lesser extent) feature request. The way I see it, we can
a) just disable the improper behavior notification button
b) make the improper behavior notification button open the usual b.k.o
report dialog or embed it into the LikeBack dialog
c) allow users to submit bug reports to LikeBack but hack some kind of
LikeBack to b.k.o script that would send LikeBack bug reports to b.k.o
server side.
The last option seems like a lot of work and I fear that the quality
of the bug reports might suffer, because LikeBack might make it too
easy to submit a proper bug report (for example there's no dupe
checking), so I'd choose either a or b. Requesting comments on this.
Either way, I believe that if we don't want bug reports to be in more
than one place, we don't want bug reports in LikeBack, only feedback
of the type like/dislike/idea.
2) LikeBack could be enabled for final releases too, but in this case
I'd recommend disabling the report buttons in the top right corner of
every window by default. Requesting comments on this too.
3) I've noticed that the original LikeBack code had some spelling
errors, I have fixed them but there might be more, so I'd like to ask
a native English speaker to please verify the text of the LikeBack
4) LikeBack allows to specify in the dialog which languages are
allowed. Do we want to allow languages other than English?

[2] , needs authentication,
there's no automated way to request or set up an admin account so
interested devs should ask Paleo


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