For 2.2: Moving Rescan Collection back?

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Sat Sep 26 14:17:25 CEST 2009

Mark Kretschmann wrote:
>> Mark is right that it's a usability issue. Unfortunately, bad
>> discoverability is also a usability issue, and in this case I believe it
>> might be a more frustrating one for the end user -- if they had seen
>> Rescan Collection, it might have saved them from having to throw their
>> hands up and seek help. So we're caught between two instances of bad
>> usability, and a string freeze preventing us from fixing it.
> As I currently don't have a fix for the technical problems with update
> scanning, I'm not really in a position to complain. However, I'd like
> to suggest that we remove the usability workarounds again as soon as
> we have a grip on the technical problems.
> Temporary workarounds have a tendency of staying forever once they're
> in. Kinda like bad habits, or a nasty cough :)

Sure. I'll change the strings immediately after string freeze is over.


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