Last Call: Confirm for the Amarok DevSprint May 1 to 4

Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels at
Wed Mar 25 12:41:39 CET 2009

OK people, this is you last chance:
Please confirm NOW whether you will come to the dev sprint in Berlin
at the KDAB offices May 1 to 4 (weekend).

I've shared the google notebook with all invitees. There is still room
for more people, if you have suggestions: reply.

You need to make your name bold if you are attending, strikeout when
you can't. If your name is still in italics by Saturday 28/03/2009
10:00 UTC  you are not attending.


P.S. Complain to me if you can no longer access the notebook. All
should have had a personal invite to the mail address this has been
send to (in BCC).

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