The Amarok Bailout Bill

Alex Merry kde at
Sun Mar 8 22:23:17 CET 2009

On Sunday 08 March 2009 14:12:52 Dan Meltzer wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 9:09 AM, Ian Monroe <ian.monroe at> wrote:
> > However I've always felt a nag-screen on Mac and Windows wouldn't be a
> > bad idea. It could be pretty modest, like Azuerus which only comes up
> > when its newly installed or upgraded.
> Only if we put the nag screen on linux as well.  The goal is to
> provide the same experience on all platforms.  Mac/Windows shouldn't
> be shafted just because they are used to being shafted.  Especially
> when none of the developers use windows (Or should we give Saroengels
> a share of the money from the nag for making it possible at all?) And
> only a few use macs.

I think a "nag screen" is a bad idea, but having the final installer step 
mention contributing would be no bad thing IMHO.  I expect most people will 
ignore it anyway, but it may make a few people think about it.  Contribution 
(of time if not money) is a common ethos in free software platforms, but even 
something as simple as reporting bugs is an alien concept on Windows, and if 
we can encourage people to be involved in the community in whatever way, 
that's a good thing.

And I like the idea from a while back of putting a "contribution" sub-menu in 
one of the menus (the help menu?) with options for contributing in several 
ways, including monetry donations.  Each option would presumeably take you to 
a page on


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