Leo Franchi lfranchi at kde.org
Mon Feb 2 20:24:45 CET 2009

On 2 Feb 2009, at 19:19, Erik Hovland wrote:

>> SVN commit 920313 by lfranchi:
>> switch to linking to libplasma from kdelibs 4.2 instead of our own.  
>> awesome!
>> this depends on kde 4.2, but i have checked with the distros and it  
>> will not
>> be a problem at all for 2.1 to depend on 2.2, even in a best-case- 
>> scenario
>> where we release in 2 months.
>> As I had already explained on IRC, I request to reconsider this
>> commit. I do not think it wise to start depending on KDE 4.2 right
>> now, for a number of reasons:
>> 1)
>> KDE 4.2 was officially released on January 27 2009. In other words: a
>> few days ago. This is very little time.
>> We _are_ going to lose a number of contributors and testers because  
>> of
>> this. It's obvious that not all of our SVN users are necessarily  
>> using
>> KDE 4.2 yet.
>> If someone is using an SVN prerelease version of amarok, asking for  
>> a *major
>> release* of KDE seems to me to be a pretty small request.
> No, but showing a bit more restraint might have been prudent. Note  
> that not even
> kubuntu has readily available packages for 4.2 on intrepid. So that
> means that if
> someone wants to now develop w/ Amarok they have to once again get  
> on the
> KDE source code train. Not a pleasant proposition for those of us  
> who would
> prefer to only work on Amarok and deal w/ its bugs.

IIRC 4.2 is available on ubuntu, but i'll let someone with more ubuntu  
knowledge speak.

> Having said that, the deal is done - I say don't revert it. Better I
> struggle in the
> background if the rest of the devs are already clipping away on 4.2.  
> I am likely
> to just not 'git svn rebase' for a couple of weeks until kubuntu  
> catches up.
>> 3)
>> The only reason for the dependency on KDE 4.2 is currently LibPlasma.
>> We do have the option of importing the latest LibPlasma into Amarok,
>> as we used to do. Later on, we could still decide whether we want to
>> keep this or not; changing this would be trivial.
>> yes, the reason to do this is to remove the temporary hack that is  
>> copying
>> libplasma in our source tree. by doing this we lose out on  
>> bugfixes, need to
>> make sure that things don't get out of sync, and add more work for  
>> ourselves
>> in the future.
> One of the reasons for the switch was because staying on the tip of  
> plasma was
> more trouble then the benefit of getting the bugfixes. Is anyone  
> sure that these
> troubles are over? I know they moved to kdelibs and have pledged a  
> stable API,
> but "the proof is in the pudding

well they have to keep a stable API. you can't just go around breaking  
kdelibs ABI compatibility---it becomes a *major* issue (much more than  
kdebase/libs/). in fact this happened yesterday (accidental commit  
that broke it) and it was reverted immediately.

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