Design and API review during Amarok DevSprint

Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels at
Sun Apr 26 13:00:51 CEST 2009

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Casey Link <unnamedrambler at> wrote:
> Damn I wish i could be there :(
> Casey
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You can help prepare!

I think the best way to make the most of the face time in Berlin will
be to get everyone up to speed about Amarok's design.

If there is any framework, API or system in Amarok you developed or
feel confident you can explain completely, please prepare a
presentation (if you'll be there) and/or an overview sheet.
We'll use these to prepare and at the start of the design review sessions.

We only have 4 days left to do this. So it should be done fast.
I'll go ahead and select some "volunteers". If you're on the list and
really can't or don't want to do it respond immediately.

- Meta/Collection -> Maxx_k
- Meta::Playlist/PlaylistManager/Synchronization -> Bart
- Services -> Nikolaj
- Biased Playlist (or replacement) -> Ian
- Scripting and unit testing -> Sven
- EngineController -> Markey
- ContextView -> Leo
- Bookmarks/timecodes -> Casey

Send drafts of the overviews to this mailing list (new tread) please:
Immediate distribution and a chance to correct mistakes or unclarity.


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