Amarok patch for local encoded ID3 tags

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Fri Mar 28 15:48:11 CET 2008


After looking at this patch and our code, I'm having a little trouble 
understanding why you're running into this problem in the first 
place...the strings we get from TagLib should be UTF-8 already.

Is it possible for you to send a sample file to me that exhibits this 
behavior?  I'd like to test it with more recent versions of Amarok and 
TagLib (I can see that you are using 1.4.3 on the Eee and I'm guessing 
some snapshot or stock TagLib 1.4...lots of bugs have been fixed in both 
applications since then).  Even if it doesn't work here it may turn out 
that the proper place for a fix is in TagLib.


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