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Nikolaj Hald Nielsen nhnfreespirit at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 22:10:17 CEST 2007

Actually, if a song from Jamendo has lyrics, they will be present in
full in the XML file I am using for the Jamendo service. This means we
could just write the lyrics to a text file for each track when
downloading an album without having to do additional queries.

On 6/8/07, Harald Sitter <sitter.harald at gmail.com> wrote:
> Today I tried to create a proper lyrics script for Jamendo.... and I noticed
> that their API is not really trivial for that kind of stuff.
> Main reason: Jamendo is giving every song a special ID which is (as I
> understood until now) used when doing a query for the lyrics.
> Now if the ID is not known it's necessary to do about 4 HTTP queries to get it
> properly... therefore I suggest to store the ID in the database when
> downloading a song with Amarok, or, which would be even better in case
> database nukes itself, store the ID in the file.
> If we know the ID it's also possible to produce 100% correct search results
> for Jamendo music, as this ID (actully it's just a continuous growing number)
> is totally unique and therefore the song with ID 19973 either got lyrics, or
> it didn't.
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