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On 8/21/07, Nikolaj Hald Nielsen <nhnfreespirit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I will start working for Magnatune soon (sept. 1st) and my first real
> task, besides integrating the new subscription stuff into, is getting
> Amarok 2.0 out the door, on Linux as well as Windows and Mac.
> I know, and this has been discussed quite a bit recently recently,
> that there is still a _lot_ of work to do. That is why I would like
> input from the rest of the crew about which areas I should spend some
> time on, once the service stuff is somewhat stable. I do not want to
> step on anyones toes by hijacking their favorite projects, so the
> suggestions below are just that, suggestions. Please add your comments
> and any items I have not thought about.
> The following are a list of, what I see as, high priority items ( I am
> most likely missing about a hundred ):
> 1. The playlist - This one seems to need quite a bit of work yet. I
> have to admit, I did not follow the discussion about not using the
> standard model/view stuff too closely, but switching from that seems
> to have set back the playlist quite a bit. If all we gain by switching
> from this is the ability to do inline editing of items, I would
> strongly suggest that we forgo this for the 2.0 release and pick it up
> later in the 2.x series. Another idea I had was to, in the interest of
> getting stuff out the door, do a simple playlist view more in the
> style of the 1.4.x one, just to have something working.
> 2. Popupdropper or another solution to dragging across the context view.

I think right now this is the most important, merely because it doesn't
exist *at all* yet. Furthermore, we actually need to come up with a way to
solve this problem best too :) But IMHO this would be a really good thing to
work on, as I definitely think it's necessary.

3. General interface cleanup. Maybe just me, but I still don't really
> like the toolbar, and there are some other sticky points still.
> 4. Plasma stuff!! :-) Applets, engines, layout....

I can't really talk about anything here but the plasma stuff (and PUD :) so
here's the status. Basically, a lot of tweaking is needed. Most of the
fundamental code is down already, except for one major thing: the loading
pane (or however we do it). I'm thinking of taking raptor (from
workspace/base/raptor) which is a very pretty applet loader for plasma, once
it has matured (still WIP). Basically i really don't like the current
ControlBox, and i only put it there because it was an easy copy and paste.

Also, i still want to look into the Plasmoid packaging stuff, and how it
applies to amarok (they are standalone packages with full applets in them).
We also need a way to set global themes.

More applets are also needed, e.g. last.fm suggested songs, related artists,
and more.

Anyway, these are basically my goals. If you want, feel free to jump in
(just tell me so i don't too :)


I also really thing that we should clearly define what features are
> essential for the 2.0 release and focus our efforts on these. I know
> this will most likely mean that not everyone will get their pet
> project in the first release, but I think it is worth it to stick with
> the release often, release early philosophy.
> Let me hear what you think!
> - Nikolaj
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