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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Mar 28 12:30:05 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 28 March 2012, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:

> > one further thing i'd like to experiment with is moving the save/close
> > buttons into the title bar. some other mobile OSes do this and it would
> > accomplish two things: better use of screen real estate, make it more
> > obvious to people where these buttons are. people often do not find the
> > buttons at the bottom; i've watched dozens of people go through the UI
> > and this is a recurring issue.
> This brings us back to the issue Fania and me raised before: Do we really
> need ok/cancel buttons in all dialogs? We still think we don't. And
> completely eliminating the buttons by instantly applying changes wherever
> possible and closing the dialog with a tap outside is better than moving
> the unnecessary buttons elsewhere.

again, this dialog performs 2 extrlemely expensive operations:
* locking an activity, wich besides the long time needed to performs even 
involves moving files and unconnecting all of them from all other activities, 
so something that can't be fully backed at all (really no technical way to do 

* same dialog/workflow is for activity creation, so having no ok/cancel 
buttons means creating an activity as soon the + is pressed and then configure 
it, this is another expensive operation and quite long to back out as well 
(both creation or deletion on some hardware as vivaldi may take as long as a 
minute or so)

i still think the best way to still have buttons, have them always visible and 
taking less space is having them in the titlebar, like the ipad and the n9 do:

Marco Martin

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