Task Proposal: Files handling,browsing,tagging

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 19:16:21 UTC 2012

On Thursday 19 January 2012, Marco Martin wrote:
> User Story
> =======
> The user will use a centralized application (with some pieces of it
> available also as a component, in order to have it embedded in other apps)
> when he want to tag, move,delete, copy to usb a large group of files,
> regardless of the file type

by the way, branch mart/active-filebrowser on plasma-mobile repo :p

very rough still, is a thinghie based on the image viewer that shows all file 
resources and is possible to filter by type or (wip) by tags

right now the ui is (and will be for a while) mostly a set of buttons that can 
stress test the metadata models in the way that are needed (already caused 
some bug fix of them)

eventually the image viewer could become a specialization of it boh, we'll see 

Marco Martin

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