Task Proposal: Plasma Media Center

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Thu Jan 19 22:44:18 UTC 2012

On Thursday 19 January 2012 23:55:41 Sinny Kumari wrote:
> User Story
> =========
> Listening favorite music, watching video in free time and viewing memorable
> days pictures with friends or family is a part of day to day activity of
> almost all users.
> Why this is important
> =============
> Since media (Music, Video, Picture) is part of life. Bringing Plasma Media
> Center on tablet will attract different categories of users like casual
> users, artists, etc. It will allow user to switch to any of the mode i.e
> Music, Video, Picture within an application quickly.

Hmm... what about Bangarang? Do we need two applications for media playing or 
has PMC significant advantages over Bangarang?

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