Activites in Plasma Desktop vs. Activities in Plasma Active

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Jan 9 17:06:41 UTC 2012

On Monday 09 January 2012, Ivan Cukic wrote:
> So, my conclusion (and I think it is a more or less a common idea) is that
> when things prove to be useful in PA, those will be introduced in PD as
> well. For example, one awesome thing that should be in PD when enough apps
> start supporting it is Share-Like-Connect.

just for the record, the pa activity screen works just fine being loaded as a 
desktop on plasma desktop (modulo the ui not working too well since should be 
more desktop optimized, but that's a detail)

when it (and rest of kde apps) will be ready enough(tm) i really want to have 
on plasma desktop something very similar to the pa containment (or even 
exactly that one with just a couple of specialized qml files)
kinda have the impression is more plasma desktop 5.0 material tough ;)

Marco Martin

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