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Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Sun Sep 25 11:49:44 UTC 2011

On Sunday 25 September 2011 13:23:04 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> On Saturday 24 September 2011 21:38:54 Sascha Manns wrote:
> > Hello Mates,
> > 
> > just a Question. I have opened my KeepassX Passwordfile and want to copy a
> > Password and fill it in another App.
> > Marking the Password isn't a Problem. But how can i copy and past this?
> > 
> > Have a nice weekend @all
> That's a good question, we need to find a consistent method for this. The two 
> most obious solutions in my opinion are:
> - Using a context menu on any markable text
> - Clicking an icon in the bar to copy or paste
> I'm not exactly sure which one is better and they're certainly both not 
> exaxctly great. 
> Copy & paste is generally not easy on touch-driven devices since neither 
> keyboard nor extra mousebuttons are available for this.
> It's no accident that Apple just did not include the function at all in the 
> first iOS release and only reluctantly implemented it due to protesting users 
> later.
> But the apple case also shows that this is extremely important to have (it 
> takes a really strong pain for an Apple fan to disagree with Steve Jobs' 
> design decisions ;) )
> I must admit that I don't know how either Apple or Google have solved this for 
> their mobile OSes, but I'd it is okay to get some "inspiration" from them 
> unless we find a solution that's better than both.
It's probably too late for PA1, but I could imagine to have Klipper being that part. It is already a button in the panel and 
would just need a touch friendly UI to allow copy an item to the currently active UI element.

I would not like to have a context menu as they are terrible on touch ;-)

> Regards,
> Thomas
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