RFC: Adjust the visual display of the categories in the "add resource window"

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Fri Oct 28 12:49:34 UTC 2011

> Or, as I suggested in the other mails from september something like a
> dropdown (I know dropdows are ugly for touch, but what else is there
> instead?).

I think the widget that switches between pages in the About app works
pretty well and it has two big advantages over a dropdown:
- You can always see all categories
- Switching categories is just one tap instead of two with the dropdown
It's basically like tabs but with a nicer transition and thus less boring
Only disadvantage: We'd need to limit the number of categories. But to 
me this is actually a good thing because with too many categories,
users won't know what to find where anyway.
And this would have the advantage over the current implementation that
you don't have to switch back to the overview to select another category.

> > one issue to consider (that's already come up earlier today, in fact)
> > scalability. whatever UI is offered, it needs to scale to people
> > 100s/1000s of photos, lots of documents, etc.
> Yes sure, even with the small screensize we have... so chunking up in
> pages in always one solution. Offering smart filter and search mechanism
> another one. Using our knowledge about the users current activity and
> latest added content, we can also take this into account, as Thomas
> pointed out yesterday.

To emphasize my point: Yes, this is where the whole strength of Nepomuk
comes into play and we should really really leverage that potential
we can. Right now, the advantages aren't really obvious yet to users,
so we have to make them obvious.
This still requires a lot more work, though, so I'd be okay with changing
the interaction of our current category model until then.


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