Feedback from DevDays

Fania Bremmer fania.bremmer at
Thu Oct 27 14:28:05 UTC 2011

So, the Qt DevDays are over and I came back with a lot of user feedback, 
impressions and lots of applause. In general most people have been 
really amazed, what has been achieved with Plasma Active over the last 
few months.

A lot of people saw and tested it some months ago and were impressed how 
far we got for PA1. A lot just heard from it by other people and dropped 
by the booth to see it themselves. So not only KDE people, but also 
business people and private person showed interest for the project.

I tried to give not much hints when users tried to find there way 
through the system to find out the weak points in the UI. And of course 
they struggled with some points here... I will write some of that 
feedback here as RFCs like Aaron did - sorry already now for spamming 
the ML in the next time with that :)

But I guess its really important to adapt and adjust the current 
features, as the usability problems really disrupt the interaction and 
smoothness of our system.

It would be good to have a short comment from you for each RFC and a 
soon decision if we find the point relevant -> then it should go into 
the bugtracker to fix it. If we find it relevant, but not for PA2 -> it 
should go in our backlog (is this our task wiki page??!). If we find it 
not relevant enough or have different opinions -> we can drop it or 
discuss further :)

Does this sound fine?

So, once again, thumbs up for the good work; thanks to everyone who 
participated and created a piece of Plasma Active. I guess the big wave 
will hit us soon :D


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