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Marko Saukko marko.saukko at
Fri Oct 14 12:36:03 UTC 2011

On 10/14/2011 03:07 PM, martin brook wrote:
> Maurice Hi,
> There is also other WIP (by Sage) to try and reduce the gap between Mer
> Core and Plasma Active (currently 161 packages) so this is probably what
> ultimately needs to be linked in and changes from that submitted to
> KDE;Devel.
> What I was looking for was some Mer and Plasma Active guy(s) to cast
> their eyes over the log files to see if anything obvious jumps out as to
> the reason for the plasma-device crash.
> vgrade


so I have a build of PlasmaActive also going with reduced dependencies. 
Instead of that over 161 Packages Martin currently has with all the 
deps. I have ~ 36 packages there that are required in addition to Mer 
core + My MW:Shared. We might need to enable some of them back but I'm 
hoping that we can drop at least the documentation to reduce the size of 
builds (similar to Mer Core).

Also the Mer target in the is currently still not 
ready, but hopefully we can get things ready during next week. Currently 
if you are interested my work is in:

- some MW components shared between the UX's and that are not in Mer Core.
- 33 packages.

- a link prj to Project:KDE:Devel with added some patches to the current 
packages and some build deps.
- 36 Packages (including some fixes to packages in Project:KDE:Devel) + 
packages from Project:KDE:Devel

Marko "Sage" Saukko

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