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Fri Oct 7 11:12:05 UTC 2011

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> Some more layout adaptions I propose:
> - Make the logo a lot smaller: at least half size
> - make the "ONE" sticker smaller: only a third of the current size
> - make the white orange in front of the title smaller: half only
> - the link color is pretty unreadable: how about a greyish color?
> - legal: do we need that? what would be the content?

Surely not much of a problem, but maybe we should avoid showing apps
connected to activities in the screenshots that are not present in the
images or even blacklisted (OpenOffice and Amarok, first Screenshot) as
people will expect them to be on the device when they see them on a

> open source project is to provide a fast embedded UX platform with 
> memory requirements, that is customizable and modular to support 
> different variations for different form factors.

"with memory requirements"? I guess there is a word like "low" or
"minimal" missing there, right? ;)

> <h2> Concept</h2>old: why?
> - <strong>Activities </strong> gather different content like apps, 
> widgets and contacts that belong together. You are planning a trip, 
> organising your work or getting entertained? Your mobile experience in 
> Plasma Active adapts to your life!

Should we already put contacts in there even though there is no way to get
a contact in the system yet? Again, expectations...

> - <strong>Share-Like-Connect</strong> molds your computer to your 
> preferences. <strong>Connect</strong> a travel webpage to your 
> Vacation Activity or a calculator widget to Home Office. 
> <strong>Share</strong> photos with a friend or post them to your online
photo account.
> <strong>Like</strong> several documents that relate to a project so 
> that a search will find them quickly.

I'd suggets putting the descriptions in the order Share/Like/Connect so
that it matches the name 

Enough complaints, I really like the text in general ;)

> We are getting there :) (slooowly) Thanks Marco! I appreciate you 
> touching HTML :)

Agreed. The page will certainly be quite cool!

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