[WebKit-devel] [Bug 247311] Konqueror with kwebkitpart (and Rekonq) crash when running futuremark peacekeeper benchmark [WebCore::QNetworkReplyHandler::forwardData, ..., KDEPrivate::AccessManagerReply::qt_metacall, KIO::TransferJob::data]

Andrea Diamantini adjam7 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 19:03:13 CET 2010


--- Comment #8 from Andrea Diamantini <adjam7 gmail com>  2010-11-20 19:03:11 ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> (In reply to comment #5)
> > 
> > Uhm... let me say that I ever compiled QtWebKit in debug mode, striping out the
> > symbols.
> Did you mean to say that "I have never compiled" ? But have you compiled it in
> debug without doing the rest ? IOW, I was able to duplicate this crash when I
> did what I stated above. Otherwise, I cannot reproduce the result. 
> > I ever could reproduce the issue with rekonq or konqueror, but never with
> > arora.

No, I'm saying I always compile QtWebKit in debug mode striping out debug
symbols. I'm used to with every software I compile from myself.
I ever... always could reproduce the issue with rekonq and with konqueror +
kwebkit, but NEVER with Arora.
So, I'm suggesting the issue comes from kio integration. BTW, I'll try
compiling QtWebKit in release mode and test it with the 3 browsers.

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