[WebKit-devel] [Bug 256104] Web page rendered incorrectly (works fine with qtwebkit-based arora browser)

Francesco Cepparo linux4ever2 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 19:10:55 CET 2010


--- Comment #3 from Francesco Cepparo <linux4ever2 gmail com>  2010-11-05 19:10:54 ---
Ok, I posted a tarball which contains four screenshots and two "error logs"
that are occasionally displayed by rekonq instead of the real page. In fact,
loading the page does not always lead to the same results!
For example, the first time I loaded the website today, it was working
Than I refreshed the page and I was displayed an "error message" instead of the
real page (files: error.log, screenshot1.png)! Then I refreshed again and I was
displayed the page with some missing images (?) at the top (screenshot2.png).
At the next refresh I was also displayed an icon of missing image on the left
(screenshot3.png). After another refresh I got another error (slightly
different from the first one, that seems truncated at the beginning)
(error2.log). Finally, after some additional refreshes, the big image on the
left was displayed correctly (screenshot4.png), but refreshing again would
again produce some random results.

What do you think?

Maybe I wasn't clear, but the website is working correctly for me as well with
Arora and Chromium!

Actually, I have kdelibs from trunk too (and the rest of kde as well), but
kwebkitpart does not compile, complaining about
KParts::SelectorInterface::QueryMethod not being declared and QueryMethods not
naming a type...

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