[WebKit-devel] [Bug 247541] Konqueror with WebKit breaks scroll on middle-click

Dawit Alemayehu adawit at kde.org
Fri Aug 13 17:35:48 CEST 2010


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--- Comment #9 from Dawit Alemayehu <adawit kde org>  2010-08-13 17:35:47 ---
> > > - with "Middle click opens URL in selection" checked on KHTML, I am asked
> > > "Do you want to search the Internet for [...]?";
> > 
> > The prompt is missing in kwebkitpart and will be something that will be
> > added for KDE 4.5.1 if allowed otherwise in KDE 4.6 (requires addition of
> > a signal).
> I see, this should explain that.

This is fixed now. You will get prompted before any searching is done just like

> > > I believe this is not the intended behavior, since I did not initiate the
> > > search, but merely wanted to scroll the page vertically. According to
> > > your explanation, though, this feature is yet to be implemented, so it
> > > is my understanding that it should only fail to respond to any
> > > right-click, at that point. Hence, I believe this is not a feature
> > > request, but a bug that should be fixed.
> >
> > Well that should not happen and indeed I cannot duplicate it on here on my
> > system with KDE 4.5.0 and the 0.9.6 version of kwebkitpart. Out of
> > curiosity can you please tell me what version of the kwebkitpart library
> > is installed on your system ? You can find it by looking for
> > "libkwebkit.so*" under /usr/lib. Unless you have a rather old version of
> > kwebkitpart, I do not see how this bug can occur.
> If I am correct, I only had to check the filename, and it says: 
> libkwebkit.so.1.0.0.

There lies in the problem... Unfortunately you have a rather old version of
kwebkitpart. Because of some mishap the latest version should say 0.9.6 and not
1.0.0. Perhaps that is confusing the distro packagers and they are not updating
it ?? No idea, but you can rest assured this works in the latest version minus
the "automatic scrolling" feature of course.

> > > Sorry if my explanation sounds convoluted and lacks any technical
> > > knowledge, but if you feel it still fails to clarify the issue, please
> > > don't hesitate to let me know, and I will try to add any missing detail.
> > 
> > No your explanation is perfectly fine. My response to it is based on the
> > fact that I am unable to duplicate your problem.
> It's OK, I thought it was a common problem, and I could contribute back to 
> Konqueror after using it on a daily basis. Since it's mine alone, I'll switch 
> back to KHTML for now, and give Webkit another try when Kubuntu Maverick is 
> out. Many thanks for your assistance so far.

No it is not yours alone. It seems to be a distro problem. If you can poke
whomever is responsible to update the kwebkitpart package from extragear that
would be great. They should use the latest version for KDE >= 4.4. 

Anyhow, thanks for your report. I will close this bug report, but would you be
so kind to open a new wishlist item ticket for the unimplemented "automatic
scrolling" feature so it won't be forgotten ?  Thanks again.

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