Mockup of revised KDE merchandise store

Scott Harvey bundito at
Thu Mar 1 17:16:03 UTC 2018

Hello VDG!

On my own initiative, I made a mockup of an updated KDE Cafe Press
Merchandise store. What we have for sale now is a little spare and lacking.
I'm relatively competent with design tools and setting up Cafe Press shops,
so I thought I'd contribute a prototype.

You can see what I've got so far at this link:

Keep in mind it's a very rough draft. I used existing artwork and icons and
didn't spend an excessive amount of time choosing items or writing
descriptions. I just wanted to get a pack of merchandise created so that
we'd have something to discuss.

I've had some discussions with the people on the Community and Promo
mailing lists about this, and the feedback has been positive thus far. They
at least think it's a good idea. I figured I'd put together what I could
before pestering the true designers and graphics gurus.

Unfortunately (for the immediate discussion), I'll be out of the country
starting tomorrow and might not be able to reply. But if I can, I'll be on
European time (Denmark & Sweden) instead of the States).

There you have it. Let's discuss.

-Scott Harvey (aka _sharvey_ on IRC and sharvey on Phab, etc.)
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