[Bug 262463] After suspend/resume the whole session dies in a few minutes (back to kdm)

Richard Homonnai Chain at rpgfiction.net
Sat Jan 29 21:58:26 CET 2011


--- Comment #11 from Richard Homonnai <Chain rpgfiction net>  2011-01-29 21:58:25 ---
unfortunately, KDE 4.6 made it worse. It crashes even when not after suspend
(but reproducibly does it still then).

However, in 4.6 kded freezes and eats up 100% CPU. Also some of the services
stay alive, and the only thing you can do to restore things to normal is

(If you simply kill kded, services like Akonadi are going haywire - Cannot
start Kopete for instance, as long as you don't reboot!)

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