[Bug 132138] Support Mozilla XEmbed plugins

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Sat Jan 3 21:18:58 CET 2009


--- Comment #70 from Zbigniew Luszpinski <zbiggy o2 pl>  2009-01-03 21:18:55 ---
Here is manual how to make konqueror 3.5.x working with flash 10 by using
kmplayer and few configuration tweaks:

Some info is also in kmplayer news:
"Also, KMPlayer support the xembed style browser plugins, like the beta flash
plugin from  Adobe. To enable this, the above example needs an extra entry
plugin, eg 

 Note, this complements the nsplugin viewer, that is not able to use these
plugins. And KMPlayer is not able to use the old style browser plugins."
source: http://kmplayer.kde.org/news.php

I use recent flash 10 with konqueror 3.5.10 via kmplayer and this works very

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