[Bug 154435] parts of kde do not build in release mode

Vincent ETIENNE ve at vetienne.net
Sun Dec 23 18:21:47 CET 2007

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------- Additional Comments From ve vetienne net  2007-12-23 18:21 -------
to add a comment on my own comment #9 which is as not informative as it's possible : 

the change i made in kdebug.h should not change anything functionality wise but to my eyes it improve the readability of the file

The first inline function kDebug and kWarning is as far as i can see only use for kd3 support (all others should be catch by final kDebug/kWarning define and remap to KDebug class) . So i have marked them as kCompatDebug/kCompatWarning ...

So this keep the deprecated warning for this function but isolate the reammping to debug function

kDebug, kWarning, kFatal and kError use the same mechanism ( KDebug class ) for all new code. kFatal and kError could not be strapped as before.

Must be verify by someone who has knowledge of this piece of code (i could have broke everything...) but i think that it improve the symmetry of all the functions used, so simplify their understanding for others.

So maybe this  "draft" could be of some help

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